Star Wars Tilt Brush Remix

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Welcome to Episode II
"Return of the Remix"

Part 1: Estella Tse:
Part 2: Elizabeth Edwards:
Part 3: Anna dream brush:
Part 4: Micah404:
Part 5: 3Donimus:
Part 6: Estella Tse:
Part 7: Elizabeth Edwards:
Part 8: Anna dream brush:
Part 9: Micah404:
Part 10: Vladimir Ilic:
Part 11: 3Donimus: You Are Here!

(Disclaimer: This is a fanart VR painting inspired by the characters, settings, and representations from the world of Star Wars, owned by the Walt Disney Company. This piece is not for profit, and I do not claim ownership over any of the characters, settings, and representations portrayed. This remix collaboration was created with the intention of celebrating and sharing our love for Star Wars.)


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Winning the War

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Sketchfab - Gravity Sketch - Tilt Brush

Recently I have been using a new app called Gravity Sketch to do some very cool works of art. I have been combining it with the very cool website Sketchfab which allows me to present my work in beautiful detail and with many other positive features. Here are some of them.


I have also been adding some of my tilt brush art into Sketchfab with great results! here are some of them